Thursday, June 20, 2019

Rotana Hotels Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Rotana Hotels - Essay ExampleBy understanding the direction the clientele is to take long-term, it can make decisions that always lead to goal attainment.Rotanas stated goals of increasing the number of Hotels to 100 within a specific cadence period shows that the blood understands how to develop strategy properly. The goals as they are written give Rotana focus and give the chain a sense of purpose close what direction to take moving forward. By setting two to three years as the basis of expansion, it gives the organization a very clear time-frame regarding what efforts pauperism to be undertaken to get there. In some ways, this can be considered part of the vision as it gives everyone in the organization a sense of direction and do it where the business is trying to head.As to whether they meet the criteria of well-written goals, the answer would have to be no. Well-written goals have specific accomplishments listed about the long-term strategy. They should include objectives on how the business intends to succeed all the way through the entire management process from planning, to organizing, to leading and controlling. This is just a broad goal without specific strategies listed.To be the leash Hospitality Management Company within the Middle East and Africa operating a comprehensive range of products and brands that aim to meet all the requirements of our guests (Rotana, 2011, p.1).organization is real in business and what is it trying to achieve as well as where it wants to go in the long-term. It tells that it is a customer-focused business that devotes most of its efforts into marketing and guest services. the like most visions should, it should motivate Rotana workers to achieve the goals of providing these guest services and inspire innovators in the company to develop new product variety.Rotanas values are founded on its LIFE principles, which are long-term, innovation, friendly and ethical.

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