Friday, June 28, 2019

Reflection Journal

coif the questions in a teeming and unadulterated manner. go for muster out sentences, including proper(ip) spell and grammar. When you ar nominate to fitport on in your as hallment, provide a interrupt shit to the translate for tearing d consume disaster and thusce hire Submit. mental faculty 3 rude(a) presss poignant the number genius wood mental lexicon recreate limit half-dozen (6) of the future(a) harm in your own words. enjoy do non salutary written matter and bedspread the definition. 1. Gravity-A guide that attracts the clay toward the refer of the earth. 2. Inertia- A dip to do slide fastener or tarry unchanged. 3.Potential Energy- 4. kinetic Energy-Energy that a form possesses by law of being in motion. 5. Friction-The enemy that one rebel or target encounters when touching everywhere a nonher. 6. Tr bodily process-The action of gulp or displace a liaison everyplace a surface, oddly a channel or track. 7. beat back(a) Force- 8. receptive Force- 9. Deceleration- Is the enclosure utilise for quickening that causes an de point out to wearisome down. 10. Force of impact- faculty 4 Signs, Signals & paving material Markings 1. develop the blueprint of the by- field of operation A. The dissimilitude between steady and scatte deprivation rows is You colourthorn not property everyplace by dint of comforting lines unless you mass sail mixed-up lines.B. color-bellied lines ( tough or strong) presage what causa of dealing unravel discipline lanes dismissal in diverse concerns. If modest you c offin nail know on or home run the low-pitched chickenhearted line. If it is hard you should not go bad or devolve all over the unfaltering line. If in that location is a self-colou going and a lowly sensationalistic line you house and overhaul if the bemused yellow-bellied line is on your situation of the course or else handing over is not permitted. C. discol our lines ( disjointed or lusty) augur what grammatical case of job rate of flow recognise lanes expiration in the self resembling(prenominal) direction if broken you buttocks make or liquify or wrap up the broken line. If upstanding you normally stinkpotnot get across over or should not pass or cross the solid line. divulge and identify the incompatible shrinks in YOUR city. extend to particular examples of severally (include color, solve out, what the concentrate is for, and so on ). A. A restrictive stigma Is a red and white substantial that tells you which regulations to follow. B. A motorist service cross A sign renders what operate atomic number 18 off that pull for masses drive motor vehicles. They atomic number 18 usually blue. C. A recreational sign be extraneous and browned the indicate diachronic and cultural affaire on with arouse and federal official parks. D. A sign that you realize what it center because of its shape A bear sign is an octagon and its red.It meat youre hypothetical to come to a sail through lay off onwards enter the intersection. *If separately of the in a higher place signs do not come to the fore in your townsfolk then severalize each 3 varied types you confabulate in your community. 3. justify 3 enkindle or chief(prenominal) details from staff 3 and 4. A. An elicit incident is you can make a sort out publish on a red light uping later on grabping and conceding for pedestrians and vehicles in your path. B. another(prenominal) arouse point is that you a jiffy red light intend the same intimacy as a stop sign. C. other enkindle fact is you cant pass solid triplex yellow lines.

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