Sunday, June 9, 2019

Community Health Nursing Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Community Health Nursing - Assignment ExampleThe average casualty calculate of Ebola is 50% and therefore, samples be not to be extracted from patients. (WHO, 2014)Diagnosis is conducted through various tests virus extraction by cell structure, serum neutralization test and electron microscopy are examples of diagnostic tests. There is no treatment available for Ebola. However rehydration with intravenous or oral fluids is administered to patients to increase their survival chances. Prevention measures include fasting response to Ebola incidences and isolation of affected victims, proper burial of victims and community engagement towards controlling the disease. There are no proven vaccines for Ebola, though two vaccines are undergoing human testing currently.(WHO, 2014)In case of an outbreak, nurses can educate the affected communities about the disease as ignorance can have dire consequences. Nurses can tolerate both the facts and myths associated with Ebola and advice them on t he best prevention measures. The main ethical issue that Ebola patients face is that they are isolated and kept away from their loved ones for as keen-sighted as they live.3. York, G. (Oct. 09, 2014). Fear and Education play crucial role in Ebola crisis. Retrieved from

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