Monday, June 10, 2019

BUS COM WK3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

BUS COM WK3 - Essay ExampleIn the article the authors conducted a particularized type of study in which they tracked for rough 60 families and their hundred above children. They inquired about the effects the divorce had produced on them. They found out that the boys of the divorce families do not have any goal they do not want to grow in life, while the girls of the divorced families do not depose other men in their lives. They suffer from the special type of fear in which they fear from bounding themselves in a family with a man. This fear is known as the Sleepers affect. In short with the data the authors tried to prove the negative effects of the divorce on the children. The declared that the divorce is traumatizing and it produces severe effects on the lives of the touch on families.I totally disagree with both the authors and their statistics. It is just that they wanted to show the negative side of the issue. The data was not neutrally collected. Only the negative theme w as extracted.The authors presented a graph in their study in which they tried to show that most of children suffer emotional and behavioral problems after the marriage of their parents. According to the data presented it shows that about 25% of children of such families suffer from mental disorders. They did not show in the graph the prior state of the children of such families. It must be possible that the children were in great stress due to the constant family conflicts of marriage and after divorced their mental state was improved due to living alone or with the superstar parent.The authors also showed by statistics that approx 66% of the women from the age of 9 to 23 suffered from the sleeper effect. They were too afraid to bind themselves in any relation. Also the memories of the divorce of their parents neer helped them to make a stable relation. The greater flaw in the study is that these women might be afraid of the poor marriages not the divorces. They

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