Monday, August 26, 2019

Rhetorical Situation Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Rhetorical Situation - Dissertation Example This essay declares that Dyson is a technology company that produces and sells mainly household appliances like fans, hand dryers and vacuums but are currently operating a new line of products called 360 Eye robots that are a floor-cleaning machine. Because it is a new inventory product, Dyson becomes the only company that can be trusted to provide quality and functional 360 Eye robots. They have original ideas that have never been tested anywhere giving them a greater advantage to know what the customers need in terms of floor cleaning. It is important to identify the types of the customers Dyson would wish to sell for in the future which could be an existing customer or new customers. This can be very possible if the company identifies the types of the customers they are selling at the moment so that they can target a similar type of the customers' in the future in different regions. This paper makes a conclusion that social media is very simple and practical and therefore Dyson can adopt to help the business in many years making it possible to improve their promotional performance in the subsequent years in operating the 360 Eye robot business, as the business can evaluate to see which tactics produced the best results. In addition, Social Media combines traditional characteristic where companies talk to the customer with a high magnified word of mouth. It provides a unique role that enable a customer to talk to one another therefore making it possible for the manager to harness this power to benefit the organization.

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