Monday, August 12, 2019

Discovering Computer Dc 2005 (Website) dc2005 Essay

Discovering Computer Dc 2005 (Website) dc2005 - Essay Example The pages load quickly, making it ideal for time-conscious people. Their menu lists exactly what departments they have, and all the pictures shown display exactly what they have - there are no questions what they do not have since departments break everything up, and they only have four categories. The Campus virtual interview was informative, and gave me some things to look at when I interview. I went through it twice - once with the answers I would give, and the second time to give answers that were the complete opposite. I have to work on how confident I sound, how to rephrase certain skill levels, and how to focus on what direction I would like to take my career. There were ones that repeated a couple of times one was about criticism. The one I found difficult was leadership and management. While I haven't really had title of manager, there have been skills I have obtained which would make me a good mangaer. Leadership means different things to people/companies, and to answer that effectively for the company I am interviewing at, I would have to ask them for their definitions. One tip I found interesting and helpful was people always have to improve their skill level no matter what industry they are in.

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