Saturday, August 10, 2019

Gangs Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Gangs - Essay Example There are accounts to prove these claims and with this, they tend to resort on things, which worsen their personalities-Drugs, theft, robbery, sexual assaults and even murder are some of the crimes that they commit. There are measures that are continuously done by the authorities to prevent or at least lessen this kind of activities. Most of the people have put the blame on their parents while some attributed this kind of occurrence to the leniency of laws particularly in correcting the children, which deals in sparing the rod. Most of the critics agree that this kind of method spoils the children and they likewise feel that they are free to do whatever they want to do. These things do occur and parents are the pointed culprits on these. They (parents) suffer such a fate since it is their responsibilities to raise their children. However, is it enough to put the blame on the parents alone How about when these children are out of their homes It is an established fact that most of the boys and girls in their puberty age shows untoward behavior and such occurrences do have different reasons, which the science cannot explain to date. When juveniles commit illegal activities, they were arrested and tried as most of the states here claim that it cannot tolerate such untoward behavior. In this case, psychologists and sociologists agree that in order to correct these individuals, the method of correcting them must be different from the method that the justice system applies in reprimanding individuals in legal ages. Juvenile courts are tailored for the correction of minors in order for them to be corrected and become more matured in order to ensure that they would not commit the same mistakes again. Basically, it is divided into three parts "separated into three types: independent and separate courts, part of a family court and unit within a trial court" (Miriam Van Waters, p. 299). This court can either examine or determine the process of correcting a convicted juvenile. Of course, the kind of correction is much lighter than the convicted criminal on the basis that they are on their "tender" or "innocent years." The court also focuses on the development of these individuals, rather than punishment. To add to that, the web also has the definition on juvenile court: (2006) stressed that "The court that takes up the cases where there is an involvement of children below eighteen years of age and who are dependant, abused, or out of control. But the cases which has been charged on the under age child as adult cannot be tried in this court. Juvenile Courts 3 A critic claimed, "It is impossible to eradicate juvenile delinquencies if we don't delve on the roots why these things happen." True enough, like most of the crimes and problems, their roots must be eradicated to prevent further harm. In recent studies, most children are involved in gangs and similar organizations solely on the basis of peer pressure in which most of them tend to believe that they should be involved in such organizations for them to cope-up with the society as most of them presume. In this kind of situation, a certain method should be done. In avoiding this kind of scenario to happen, one must know that proper education among the juveniles should be done. This responsibility should not be on the shoulders of

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