Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Lost civilization ( the fall of Rome ) Research Paper

Lost civilization ( the fall of Rome ) - Research Paper Example Its cultural influence spread across the whole of its empire to such an extent that most of the peoples came to adhere to it. The Roman state and empire was essentially built through military might and it relied heavily on the latter for its survival. Most of the high-ranking officers in the military often came from the aristocracy of Rome and these continued the tradition of joining and championing the military to such an extent that they became the dominant element within it. The military ability of the Roman state cannot be underestimated because it helped in the conquest of new lands for Rome and ensured that the state remained stable (Mitrovici 618). Furthermore, it was responsible for the construction of a road network spanning the entire empire that made communication and trade within it to flourish; essentially ensuring that the empire became a melting pot of all the peoples within it. The Roman Empire amassed great wealth through its control of the trade routes within it as well as those leading into Asia and the rest of Europe since it occupied a central position among these routes. In this way, it was able to finance its massive government, despite all the corruption that went on in its political arena. However, with its swift expansion, the empire also came to include many different peoples as its subjects as its cultural dominance spread to them and they submitted to Roman rule. These peoples brought great diversity into the Roman state and this was to such an extent that many of them came to attain high positions within its government as well as in its merchant class. The Roman Empire was the bringer of peace in all of the territories over which it ruled and this ensured that a lot of wealth flowed into the city without any form of interruptions to its trade ("The Fall of Rome"). The result was that the Roman ruling class in later centuries became relaxed an d instead of concentrating their efforts to retaining the military might of their

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