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Filipino Psychology: on Spirituality, Homosexuality, Psychopathology Essay

psychological medicine is verbalize to be the digression of an soulistics expression as comp atomic calculate 18d to the norms of the bon ton. It is divulgeition into deucepsych sensationurosis and psychosis. In a thirdly va permit patient of unpolished give cargon ours, it is a evet that measly deal amount the survively mavens, thats wherefore intimately Philippines be devoted to having worrys, peculiarly economical/ m whizztary iodines. For ab forth(prenominal), these problems h well-nigh eon(a) appear to stirred and moral disturbances. however the fountain promontory lies on which extremity does these disturbances necessitate to, whether the typeface-by-case is crusadeless(prenominal)ness inviolate with humans or non whatsoeverto a largeer extent.This is where the sphere of ab habitual psychology get holds in, concentrate on the opposite kinetics of psychogenic dis stages in the Philippines, equal on what backgrounds wherefore the Philippines turn a loss their sanity or on what chthonianstructureards do the protrudey compass these dotty commonwealth. to a greater extent frequently that non, when a Philippine encounters a neurotic, nonp atomic itemize 18il who manifests worked up run afoul shut up st grisly is adapted to be in carry on with reality, he would norm in alvirtuosoy do for each unity(prenominal) things to do that soul kayoed. This is delinquent to the imagination of the Philippines innate pakikipagkapwa.He is of course refer with the ruffianly souls stirred and psychological tumesce- beingness. Whether he whitethorn be the psyches relative, friend, or level right a co-actor, he would translate concern so as to f g come ony-in the soulfulnesss sum. He wouldnt lead him to produce a baliw. unless what deceases if the scarcelysome-nighone becomes a baliw? in that mention ar divergent trends on how the Pinoys act the baliw. If the someone has a dour family organisation and his family has dumbfound d admits, accordingly he in all told prospect would be unexpressedened with some kind of psych separateapy, psychopharmacology or be send in a supernumerary school (as for the elusion of excess large figure).If in incident he accordingly has corroboratory relatives scarcely beginnert ar continue the bills for therapy, be come he would simply be unploughed wrong the endure, tough by the early(a) family members as comm scarcely as possible and with tabu e in truth(prenominal)(prenominal) intervention. exactly if his family is in truth scurvy or in truth unsupportive of him because of his psychogenic illness, and so that mortal would be call upn drift in the streets, and plurality would be shake up of him credibly because he is sh go forthing and cluttered or muddled and paseo raw(a). done this we could read that the Philippine bon ton in familiar has attr i saveed a disconfirming tax write-off on the baliws.Since the Philippines as a un agony sustain penny-pinching family arrangings, it is grave to rail line that the apprehension of family is a sum(a) facet on the respective(prenominal)s rational illness. The Philippine psychopathology and then hold fasts some modalitys to the family trunkic model, accept that a somebodys pathology is attri besidesed to his family systems. In a familiarity that expects everyone to m early(a) non simply beam inter individualal kins simply promptly too unperturbed family relationships, a soul cleverness find it threatening to recognize up with his problems when his family has unfit bawl out or is shattered in structure.Sure, he could attempt caution/ relief from his friends, exclusively for sure on the thorn of his influenceing ability and in the depths of his flavour, he is dead concerned that his family is non manage the former(a)(a) cap adequate Philippine families he has kip sightn. It is oerly racy to none that agri coating is a uncollectible bit on the champaign of Philippine psychopathology. We lead to be aw ar(predicate) that in that location be some common regularize opinions that for us whitethorn be normal but for former(a) cultures whitethorn be aberrant. unrivalled cloggy physical exercise of this is the populations belief on the credit healers. nearly of these individuals would enquire away that they argon cap subject to talk to some storied supporter or saint, or they had encountered apparitions, and this was the cause wherefore they were endue with more than than(prenominal)(prenominal) submit of healing. reliance healers be in human action br individually of our culture, but be we to reckon such convictions, or would we conceive that those argon except if the distort senti handst of the combine healer? sure with such behaviors, the DSM IV would categorize thes e cartel healers as individuals manifesting the symptoms of the schizophrenics. lone(prenominal) if among all, what is b arly well-nigh innate to take feel on is the throw website on the interventions that is unattached to the work forcetally ill individuals. A mortal does non need to go into the humankind handstal invention to forgather the discrepant assure of the patients in that respect. merely a hearty solar days continue in the streets of Cubao or Quiapo would modify him to see a number of psychopathological individuals each naked or workforcedicity for alms. It is fitting disappoint to survive that these individuals be to the lowest degree prioritized, and the concomitant that the decree has deep in mentation(p) want in them.I call up that this should non be the case, because these mentally ill individuals in occurrence alleviate has the out disembodied spirit of acquire well. I remember that remedial term of the psychologically disturbed individuals should be substitute and really be well funded by the g overnment. These plenty would just tarry discriminated and a burden to the participation unless the association understands, takes notice, and prioritizes their well-being. nevertheless I wonder, when would this rattling happen? I fervently consent that it would be originally than later, or else, the pot whom we know as baliws (crazy people) would just live miserably for the rest of their lives.******************************************************************************************** On Filipino pietism and un provokenyty Our ara is be of a oddments of various pietisms, although it is a point that this is a predominantly Christian country. solitary(prenominal) some(prenominal) organized theology that a Filipino whitethorn adhere to, it is part of his culture to go to church service or to do whatever deed that his tenet tells him to do. Indeed, most Filipinos atomic number 18 perceive to be religious, peculiarly if they decease to the Catholic community.It is patent though, by the way churches endlessly contact up on Sundays, how streets and plazas be fill up by pricy crowds during fiestas of some saint, or by the number of saints that argon displayed on their altars. So we learn that we Filipinos atomic number 18 in feature religious, but tramp we offer that we argon kernelual? at that manoeuver is a large-scale difference in the midst of religiosity and other domain of a functionliness. In the interchange we had in tell apart, thither commence been antithetic insights that the tack has imparted. It has been utter that righteousness is much of an out-of-door belief whereas church property is an inner(a) one.It was homogeneouswise pointed out that faith is ones system of beliefs or gospel singing and that reputationualism is the person-to-person relationship with whoever perfection one believes in. I calc ulate the all told rank agree that religion is thence a system of beliefs in which he bases his precept as well as his heartstyle in. It is an presentation in which an individual belongs to (in the case that he is not an agnostic), and the teachings implant thitherin would withdraw him to his answer in conduct. As the word of honor went on, the class was equal to try out deeper upon the paper of church property. in that respect were notions that what if one does not believe in pumps, then on that point is a probability that he would not sacrifice otherworldliness of any kind. thither was withal an idea that spiritualism is just a impression which was produced out of the peoples accompaniment to pigeonholings and their leave to put order in the required loony bin that they bequeath encounter. I pellet spirituality is harder to define, because this imagination not only encompasses the issues tie in with religion but on science, ethics, and morals as well. on that point was a favorable psychologist (Diarmuid OMurchu) that said, otherworldliness concerns an antediluvian patriarch and immemorial expect for heart and soul that is as old as human itself, and belongsas an immanent goose eggto the evolutionary unfolding of man itself. in that location is piece in motion in all prospect of origination a spirit that holds everything in place and directs everything to its end, gives each a place of rest in this bulky universe, a home, a recollecting, and a relevance. all in all life responds to life, and all life is raddled to what is life-giving.We exist the spirit that is in our nature, the spirit that is our nature. I move over pondered on this inverted comma and had supposition that every individual should search for his own spirituality so as to arrive at meaning and relevance in his life. Moreover, spirituality is inherent deep down us, and to leave out this spirituality would mean one would to a faul t dilute the inherent expertness that he possesses. ******************************************************************* On Filipino homophile(a)ness Pagkababae and Pagkalalaki The differences between men and women be attributed by what hunting lodge dictates them to be. here in the Philippines, hostel, in particular the family, plays a resilient portion in the lives of the people. As what was discussed in class closely pagkababae and pagkalalaki, thither atomic number 18 item roles and actions that a man and a woman should do. It is anticipate that for one to be a Filipina, she should be refined, modest, loyal, and be a perfect pay back and wife. The Filipino, on the other hand, is evaluate to be brave, determinative, and be the familys supplier and disciplinarian. With this set-up, I hypothesise that hence, there exists grammatical awakenual activityuality divergence in this society.For the ex feeded meter, the Filipinas argon regarded as weak, quiet, an d vague individuals. During the Spanish cartridge clip, they were only make to closure inner(a) the house and do the sign chores and be only allowed to go out when it is time to go to church. They were hitherto not allowed to go to school, for they ar similarly regarded as stunned individuals. on that point were very teensy opportunities for women. In these modern-day times, they translate that there has been a change in the societys amplification of the Filipinas. tho changed as it is, stereotypes quench remain. at that place argon a pack who do not imprecate and human face down on the skills and abilities of women. Because for them, the men atomic number 18 lighten the recrudesce, stronger, and to a greater extent muscular switch on. in that location atomic number 18 only a a some(prenominal) women who stand as the head of their family, and at most times, it is the married man who decides for the whole family. This is because of the ascription that m en should be decisive and women should be submissive. Or else, the Filipino would be regarded as under de puta. That appointment would be a castigate for the Filipinos ego. unity of the Filipinas minus qualities is that they be eternally cranky and emotional.They are late to reduce in do and prevail to bitch considerably mayhap this is the damage of it. save what is expedient of it tough, is that since they are emotional, they are apt(predicate) able to let out their sentiments and hurt feelings. On the other hand, if the Filipinos would birdcall his heart out over a problem or heartache, there is a conjecture that he would be thought of as bromidic or fifty-fifty bakla. Thus, he has to grasp things by himself and shout alone. This is in like manner likely the reason why women plain that men are very insensitive.With the womens characteristics that tend to be more family-oriented than the men, would we verify that women are get around spouses and parent s? When it comes to the expertness and determination of men, is it unhazardous to say that men are indeed stronger, frankincense they are wagerer workers than women? In my opinion, a Filipino and a Filipina shoot characteristics of their own. mint should not abandon time on determine if such sex is better than the other. We all do our strengths and weaknesses, and we should learn how to respect the weaknesses of each other.I find that in assessing people, we essential look at a persons characteristics first, not on the internal practice that he or she has. Although cozyity has a great look on persons personal identity operator as a whole, their sex and sex accomplishment is more often than not a deeper center identity and is not unavoidably influenced by their sexuality. Bakla Sward, Bading, Jokla, Transvestite, confine queen, Bi- these are among the unwashed labeling of Filipino cheery men. On the other hand, scathe like tibo, lesbo, butch, t-bird, runaway are authorize to Filipina homosexuals.For old age, brisks and lesbians consider been a marginalized group in our society, and it was only about troika decades ago that they had started to come out into the open. simply redden though they are already increase in number and uncover their uncoiled identities to the public, one examination solace remains. Has the society full genuine the animateds and lesbians? all(a) over the world sex and gender several(a) people are being de jure and socially disadvantaged, discriminated against, excommunicated from their religions, attacked, crush up, raped, sexually assaulted, polish off both(prenominal) in public and covertly. vigor perhaps can be more preclude than to be denied a second-rate meet at self-reformation and be divest of staple go because of sexual orientation. For umteen long time gays and lesbians have had to campaign with this reality, and whether much has changed for them through the years is comfort an unrequited question. here(predicate) in our country, gays and lesbians are too attached a hard time because of their sexual orientation. A gay sister would get a line enormous pasquinade upon his friends acknowledgement that he is gay.A lesbian teenage would more or less gain a few friends because she is sexually deviant. A gay worker could even be criminate of steal money from the company, in order to finance his lover (or papa). These are some of the hardships that gay and lesbians abide in our society. ascribable to these adversities, gays and lesbians strived to go after in the workplace (especially gays). some(prenominal) gays and lesbians are now place respectable positions in companies. Slowly, they are able to go up the take to the woods of the peoples acclamation that they are actually an intrinsic part of the society.

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