Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Critical Evaluation of Data Interpretation

Question: Discuss about the Critical Evaluation of Data Interpretation. Answer: Introduction: Researchers namely, Fetters, Curry and Creswell (2013) presented few examples through which data interpretation in qualitative research is conducted either through investigating the theory or model application within distinct context or through expecting any model or theory to emerge from the data analysis. Qualitative Research Data Interpretation for the Sampling Design (2016) revealed that qualitative data interpretation is the search of general statements regarding the relationships among several data categories. These researchers stated that qualitative data interpretation tools include categorization and theme based evaluation. In contrast to that researchers namely, Fetters, Curry and Creswell (2013) indicated that qualitative data interpretation employs ways in which the researcher shifts from an explanation of the case. These researchers also stated that simple qualitative data interpretation is conducted through recurring patterns or themes. Depending on the evaluation of data around theoretical frameworks offers additional insight and such frameworks encompasses distributed cognition, grounded and activity theory. Quantitative Research Data Interpretation for the Sampling Design (2016) indicated that quantitative data interpretation could serve as an explaining process by selecting sampling design from which numerical data can be collected and through employing mathematically based methods for data interpretation. In contrast, researchers namely Fetters, Curry and Creswell (2013), observed that data interpretation of quantitative data are always numerical and are conducted through statistical and mathematical methods. These researchers also indicated that use of likert scales and similar techniques signifies that the ample design can be analyzed by quantitative techniques. Reference List 2016. [online] Available at: [Accessed 9 Dec. 2016]. Fetters, M.D., Curry, L.A. and Creswell, J.W., 2013. Achieving integration in mixed methods designsprinciples and practices.Health services research,48(2), pp.2134-2156.

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