Thursday, November 21, 2019

Midterm 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Midterm 2 - Essay Example For a country to increase its species, it had to export more than its imports. Since manufactured goods were highly expensive compared to agricultural products, nation’s importing manufactured goods were richer. Mercantilism recommended Britain to import agricultural products from its colonies such as America and sell them manufactured goods. After independence, America intended to manufacture  it citizens’ expertise to limit their dependence Jefferson, however did not consent to  the decision. When answering a French diplomat, Marbois, on the state of manufacturing, commerce, and interior trade, Jefferson recommended that the county should not focus on manufacturing but rather concentrate on agricultural production. He recommends that the county Virginia should focus on agricultural production and let the British manufacture what he see as a partnership. He believed that small sufficient farmers were the best citizens and that God chose the labours in earth. This is because they were hard working, more trustworthy and more moral. Alexander Hamilton, in 1791, proposed an economic program aid for the national infant industries, through high tariffs (Hamilton 5). Economic program aid aimed at protecting American companies from foreign competition government subsidies and improvement of internal transport, which could make transport cheap for American industrial use. The intension was to clear the British manufacturing hood in America. He argues that manufacturing does not only earn revenue but also render the produce of greater importance. Unlike Jefferson, he was determined to make the nation self-dependent by fully producing products that its citizen may depend. Finally, he gives it an economical view that the country can export its products to earn it more income, unlike Jefferson’s partnership view Both the declaration and common sense enlightened Americans to advocate their rights to equality and freedom from

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