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Joyriders – Creative Writing

I had just died by getting trapped and then squeezed to death as the walls closed in on me playing `Tomb Raider Three'. In addition, I had successfully reached the final stage, when I died and then remembered that I had forgotten to save the last stage after being on the computer for hours upon end. At this point, I was agitated and really annoyed when I heard, â€Å"Ah, shut it you over drunk sod! † my parents were at each others' throats again. â€Å"If I were to have a death wish it would be to kill you in such a way that your entrails would ooze out slowly†¦ † replied my disturbingly vexed father. After hearing months of non-stop controversy, I knew that there was only one thing left to say. Moreover, I was meditating about†¦ † I want a divorce, I want a divorce now! † mum bawled down the stairs. Well I knew that I shared a special bond with my mum, but reading my thoughts, she is positively becoming a mind reader, I thought trying to avoid the topic. It could have just have been intuition. There was a silence in the long empty corridor leading up to the stairs, where I sat fed up and angry with my parents. Looking at the bare gloomy walls which stared at me, as if it was my fault that they ere separating, I thought of all the memories they bore. My childhood, which I shared with my parents, both my parents. A tear came to my eye, which I quickly wiped off my freshly tanned, mocha coloured cheeks. When it comes to emotional stuff, I am quite shy and keep things bottled up, whereas usually I am very open and loud, well so my friends have told me. `I have had enough' I thought to myself. With this thought in mind I gave my best friend, Mia, a call, and not very surprisingly she was just as bored as I was. I did not tell her about what had just happened, but I got the feeling that she knew I as not the perky self I normally am, even if I am bored out of my brain! â€Å"Why don't I bring, Kaz, Neil, AJ and myself around yours, in ten? † â€Å"Sure, but we can meet outside my house near the garage. † I slyly said, so that they do not have any encounters with either of my parents. â€Å"Yeah I'd probably get lost around your yard, with it being so big `n' all† Mia laughed back. â€Å"Right then, see ya in ten, bye† â€Å"Bye† and she hung up. I still clung onto the receiver, hoping she was still there, this was because I was afraid to go upstairs, in case they start talking about custody battles. `What am I thinking? they hate me and they are splitting up for spite. I will then probably end up an orphan, because neither of them will want me! `Shut up Neha! ‘. I realised I was going insane just like my diabolical parents. I kept pacing up and down the hall, waiting for Mia and the others to turn up. Which is when I realised, `the neighbours have gone on holiday and have left the house keys and the car keys for the BMW Z3 to mum'. A light bulb went on in my head. And the only word, which was lit up in my head, was `revenge'. â€Å"What's up Neha? † shouted Mia from across the road, wearing as usual, her long black three-quarter-length trench coat. Nothin' wanna go for a ride? † â€Å"You mean in that! † Neil pointed at the BMW, in excitement, which was parked in the garage, with the garage door raised. â€Å"Why not, got nothin' betta to do† I answered surprised that he even had to question me. â€Å"All get in before my parents suspect anything! † I yelled at Mia and the others, who immediately dashed across the road, past the old and fragile granny who lives at number 49, who inherited her mansion after her millionaire husband died last year. Jinita Batavia Page 2 28/04/2007 Kaz, who was sitting in the passenger seat quickly started up the car y turning the key in the ignition. That was when I got into the drivers' seat, and realised how short the top of my body actually is! I could not see beyond the fence, which was only five metres away from us! We sped away as fast as the `bima' could take us. We drove down the Highstreet. However, as it was a bit of a squeeze with the small sporty Z3 cramming two in the front and three in the back, with Neil being quite big, – not offending him, we cut the jaunt short and decided to cruise down small empty alleys, on the outskirts of the town. â€Å"We can make this place our territory, you know like a gang, or even etta a society like the Free Masons who stay anonymous. † Suggested AJ fidgeting around in the back seat. â€Å"That's a brill idea, but your forgetting something cleva clogs†¦ how do you suggest we actually get here, without any wheels? † said Kaz in a sarcastic tone. I was busy trying to tune the radio, when I heard a cry, `ah, it must be an owl or something' I thought, with it being about ten o'clock it was a good presumption. I finally found the `house and garage' station that I was searching for. â€Å"Turn up the base, I mean we are cruzin' in a bima, so might as well cruise in style Neha, innit Mia. AJ also insisted that we wind down our windows so that we are not only seen but also heard. It had only been a few seconds after I thought I had heard a cry, when I heard squeals. â€Å"Here that people? † â€Å"What babe? † â€Å"Oh, do shut up with that babe crap Neil! † â€Å"Fine hear what? † both AJ and Neil said momentarily. â€Å"I hear it now! † replied Kaz. I jolted the car to a halt and then I quickly opened my door to see what was going on, and to my horror, Kenny was lying in the middle of the road a couple of metres behind the car. He was waving his arms around in the air as if he could not breathe! â€Å"Kenny, Kenny, he's †¦ e's†¦ um†¦ dead! I†¦ I†¦ killed†¦ him† I stuttered, in shock. By now I was shivering, then AJ put his arm around me, to comfort me, or so I thought at that time. He brought me back to the car, where everyone were all shaken up and really stiff, peering through the curved windows in shear horror. They convinced me that we should not wait around, because no one saw and now no one except them, will find out. I felt assured and got back behind the wheel, after Mia , who had been quiet throughout the journey slowly came out with, â€Å"I knew it, I knew that this was going to happen, it was written in the stars. Even though she is my best friend, she does come out with bull sometimes, with all that superstitious nonsense that she believes in! After successfully picking our-selves up and returning back to earth, after such an incident had occurred I thought that I should carry on with my original plan. This was to have a minor knock about with the BMW. So we crashed into a lamppost, head on and dented the brand new spoiler on the front of the car. Then finally after a night of laughter, horror and fulfilment I first dropped off AJ, Kaz, Mia and then Neil home, impressing their neighbours in the process, after returning to my never ending ightmare, my house. I parked the car back where it was and then crept in through the back door. I walked up the stairs slowly, so that the stairs would not creek. I then ended up asleep within a minute of lying on my bed. In the morning, it was raining hard, pounding on the roof, above by bedroom. To this I woke up and turned on my radio. Craig David was on, with his recent debut single. I automatically rose from my bed sheets, grabbed my hairbrush, and started to sing and bop along to Jinita Batavia Page 3 28/04/2007 the beat. I was half way through waving my hands around, pretending I as Craig David at a gig when†¦ â€Å"What is this, Adam you prick, what the fuck have you done to the car? † My dad rushed down the stairs with a piece of toast in his mouth as he tied his robe together with his hands. â€Å"What, what? † dad cried, confused. I was sniggering from the corner of the stairs. The innocent face of my dad with mum hurling accusations at him as if they were tennis balls, was a sight to see! After lunch, with mum having hers in the kitchen and dad, being the couch potato of the house, he was flopped out in front of the television set; we heard a knock at the door. I thought it would probably be Mia, so I scampered to the front door to let her in and inform her about the plan that had been successful. But to my dismay there was a woman standing at the front door who went by the name of `Constable Stevenson. ‘ â€Å"Are your parents in darlin'? † she said in a proud PC kind of voice. `Wanna-be PC' I thought to myself and gave out a snigger. â€Å"It is not a laughing matter, now go call your parents†¦ † `Hold your horses woman she's so†¦ uh! ‘ I thought. After hearing a stem, strong deep voice at the door mum came rushing to see what was going on. â€Å"Can I help you constable? † Can I help you constable? † I mimicked. Luckily, no one heard except dad, who was also now at the door, and he gave me that big-eye look to stop it†¦ or else. â€Å"May I have a look at your car? † â€Å"I have a search warrant hear†. â€Å"Sure† said my mum not realising what she had just said then, â€Å"Hold on, why do you want to see our car? † † Well, there has been a murder in the local area, and it was witnessed to have been a hit and run and they said that there was a red car involved. Moreover, I believe that you have a red car sitting in your garage. † â€Å"Yes, well†¦ † mum, at that point gave dad a guilty look, but dad just ooked confused and walked back down the hall with a mug of tea in his hand to watch some television again. Mum thought to herself for a while and then realised that it would be unlawful to lie and with hold evidence, and also she would not have one of those messy divorces if her husband was behind bars, so she decided to spill. Then, mum went over to the car and bent down to show the PC the dent in the car. At this point, I was having a ball, the only thing that could make this better was a nice big tub of popcorn. â€Å"This looks nasty, and yet quite fresh, when did this happen love? † Mum was hesitant in saying â€Å"Last night, I expect† â€Å"OK so who was driving the car at the time of this incident? † the constable's voice was now developing a tone to it. A nasty tone. â€Å"I'll get the forensic team to take a closer look at this†. In saying this she pulled out a mobile about the size of her ego and started to dial. â€Å"Oh† was all that mum could come out with, after this huge enquiry about the car that was not even theirs. She was probably thinking that it actually was dad who killed the boy, ‘that's great' I thought to myself, not realising the charges or sentences dad could be faced with. After the forensic team arrived, about twenty minutes later they were able to come up with a full report. â€Å"I'm sorry to say, that we found some navy fibres attached to the front bumper and some very distinctive blood stains, which are of a person with blood type O, just like Kenny. † `That was strange, because when we hit Kenny there was not a dent anywhere, what can you say, but the police ain't as good as they make themselves out to be. ‘ Jinita Batavia Page 4 18/03/00 â€Å"I'm afraid you're under arrest. † The PC said relieved that this case was over. And it must have been one of the quickest cases ever! We'll have to take you down to the station; anything you do or say will be held against you later in court. † Those lines were just like the ones you here on television programmes. Ah well, dad would not be confused about that then, unlike everything else, as he watches television twenty-four/seven. Now that that was over, I thought that I should celebrate. `Wow' I thought to myself, I never thought I could put someone, especially my own dad behind bars, maybe I should try it more often! In addition, I also now have an extra room, as well as a mum, so I am safe from an orphanage†¦ for now!

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